There is nothing more refreshing than a lovely combination of leisure and work. The effect of juggling between effective results while at work and the alluring desire to rest, as a reward for the extra effort to complete a given task. This is what a properly planned workshop allows us to do. 

Workshops allow us to get away form the routine tasks at the office and the occasionally overwhelming repetition of the same actions over and over; letting us enjoy a break in the continuum.  Despite the element of rest, a workshop still fulfills the demand for results as the set goals are usually achieved in the end. Whether it was a training of new staff or a refresher course for old staff, a new project development or an old  project undergoing R&D evaluation, the ultimate result is progress.

Workshops allow for a combination of setting achievable goals and combining them with a motivational incentive for members of the corporate team. So it goes without saying that business workshop meeting are quite an effective way of getting things done in the corporate circles while keeping the staff highly motivated. 

Cost. Value

Lets not beat about the bush, workshops can be costly. Most corporate schemes are designed to cover the costs of each participant, including but not limited to their accommodation, transport, food, regulatory fees, stationery / equipment etc., In addition to these so-to-say “fixed costs”, an individual incentive is usually attached to the program, and most of the time it is in monetary form. 

This is what brings the golden question; Is it worth the cost? Or is the end value worth the cost?

Quite frankly, this answer to this question will vary greatly and is entirely dependent on  the original design of the business or organization purposes. Most of the time, the result of the workshop is priceless. Like an answer to the deep call of humanitarian values and promotion of sharing privileges with the vulnerable. Such a cause or purpose is usually superior to almost anything. And with proper organization, it is quite easy to rally funds towards such causes. 

So many such causes do exist, and majority of the clients of waterfalls hotel do meet theses so-to-say requirements.  And because Waterfalls has quite competitive and really generous offers under this category, it is an easy decision to make for most organizers. 


If an organization will inevitably have a small civil war on things like who gets to go and who stays? Or how many should go and how many should stay? Or maybe even more profoundly, should we budget for a workshop at all? then the quality of service must be unquestionable. A workshop must be in an ideally located place. Not too far and not too close. A place that gives a sense of “going away from the usual”. Every aspect of it must be an accepted standard. The transportation, the food, the accommodation, the entire experience should be exceptional and somewhat far form the ordinary. Otherwise some of the core effects of a workshop may not be appreciated. 

It therefore goes without saying that the organization or business must not compromise on these important aspects of a workshop. At Waterfalls Hotel, all these aspects are intuitively taken into account in all our corporate packages, so rest assured – satisfaction guaranteed. 

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